Bad…Really Bad Quarto

An attempt at Iambic pentameter is made…but not well executed, fails miserably.

Well, sit we down, and let us hear Barnardo speak of this.
Last night of all, when yonder star that’s westward from the pole had made his course to
Illumine that part of heaven where now it burns,
The bell then tolling one–
Enter Ghost.
In the real version, Barnardo, is called Bernardo. But I have to say, Barnardo is a very fitting name for whoever is playing this version.  His grammar might indicate that he was actually raised in a barn.
The real version looks more like this:

Last night of all,
When yond same star that’s westward from the pole
Had made his course to illume that part of heaven
Where now it burns, Marcellus and myself,
The bell then beating one,–
Enter Ghost

I chose these lines because they come fairly close to being the same. A difference is that there is an extra syllable in the bad quarto where “yond” is “yonder.” This breaks up the rhythm and makes the line cumbersome and more difficult to read.

Additionally, the bad quarto is just plain lazy.  Almost all extended dialogue is cut severely.  I do have to say, if ever someone would like to read a brief, comprehensible version of the text, this is a reference.




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