BLOOGS pt. 2

Another six-weeks (consisting of five weeks) has come to pass, and notanothercatblog has gone on a treasure hunt to find smart things from her smart peers.  Luckily, she struck gold, and she’s willing to share it with ye.

Ester talks about Beach House, a band she recently discovered.  Her thoughts on change and uncertainty are deep, and her passion for music sticks out.  Go on a vacation to a Beach House by checking Ester’s blog!

Christi talks about a red button and reflects on the idea of changing what she can no longer control.  College is on the horizon for many of us, and that frightening prospect has her thinking. Her voice is honest and compelling, and you should definitely go read it.

Pancho reflects on Tim O’Brien’s novel, and his words are true. He discusses why we need to be better listeners and reflects on the individual moments in the story.  But what is truth? Read to find out.


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