The United Nations-August 21st

The United Nations! You know, that international organization that oversees international relations, development, conflict, and pretty much any worldwide happening.  Although the UN has received a lot of criticism for being a bit of a lightweight in condemning nations, its importance and global significance are still indisputable. This organization has impacted a lot of things-promtoing democracy, enforcing fair elections, adopting Universal Declaration of Human Rights- that have improved the overall well-being of our world.  And you know what the best part about the UN is?  It was founded and planned out on my birthday! That’s right, suckers. Be sad that your birthday doesn’t fall on the same day as the birthday of the most important international organization to date.  HA!

Oh wait, uh oh.  The articles I read specified that the UN wasn’t FOUNDED on my birthday, only planned out in a mansion in Georgetown, DC.  In fact, the conceptualization of the UN actually happened at an earlier conference: the Moscow Conference of 1943.  So I guess my birthday isn’t that important after all.  But there were some cool facts about the Dumbarton Oaks (funny name, I know) conference that fell on August 21st.  In case you didn’t know the components of the United Nations, here are a few:

  1. The UN was divided into four organizational parties.  The general assembly contains every member state.  The security council originally had 11 members, 6 of whom held positions on a 5-year rotation.  The international court of justice, for you know, condemning war crimes etc.  And fourth, the Secretariat- who is the spokesperson and not a famous race-horse although that would be really cool to have a famous race horse run an international organization.
  2. It is the UN Security Council’s job to ensure peace and prevent further war. Which is ironic considering that the UN Security Council’s permanent members-China, Russia, United States, Britain and France-are some of the omnipotent figures in the international community when it comes to conflict. The Dumbarton Oaks conference devised a military into the plans for the Security Council.  They cited that a key weakness of the League of Nations was their inability to stop conflict.
  3. Ban Ki-Moon is the current Secretary-General (Secretariat, again, not a race horse) of the UN.
  4. Now the Security Council has 15 members, 10 of whom are on rotation.  The rotational members are as follows: Angola, Chad, Chile, Jordan, Lithuania, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Spain, Venezuela
  5. The Dumbarton Oaks conference was composed of the USSR, Britain, China, and the United States.
  6. Yalta and Potsdam planned a new Europe; Moscow conference discussed how to go about this; Dumbarton Oaks suggested; San Francisco signed. 

Questioning my credibility? All facts come directly from the UN website:


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