Oranges—a journey

Labyrinthe sentence.

When life gives you oranges, you make orange juice: a swirling manifesto of pulp and promise, it tastes conflicting, brings life meaning, and gives us vitamin C; it is in this fervor for life that we understand opportunity; we understand the capacity of our dreams, even if we leave some messy pulp behind: pulp, after all,  is only the remnant of circumstance, the leave behind of a world dripping with unfairness and broken tracks on playing fields; here, we seek sweetness, but taste the bitterness of a world left behind, a world where our friends and neighbors swipe welfare coupons to make ends meet—no orange juice; only for me, who cared not who I hurt when I squeezed others’ hard-earned oranges into my pitcher; knead not lightly on their oranges, because you’ll get left behind.

135 words.


2 thoughts on “Oranges—a journey

  1. Wow, your ability to use the multifaceted nature of orange juice as a metaphor for something so much deeper is, quite frankly amazing. To be honest, I’ve never liked oranges or orange juice, but now that I see the journey you have pointed out, I might give it a try. They’ve always tasted just a little bit too sour and lacked the richness of flavor that good (not Hershey’s) chocolate has. Chocolate can also in a way act as a metaphor. But I feel that, if it were to act as a metaphor, it wouldn’t be the metaphor of struggle, but it would best find its place acting as a metaphor for the richness and subtleties, but also the superciliousness and superficiality of the life of many of the wealthy.


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