“The State of the Union is strong”- President Obama

End the embargo; facilitate childcare; free community college; diplomacy abroad, and minimum wage, to name a few.  The President starts the State of the Union address with the promise that this speech won’t be about advancing an agenda, but discussing necessities and current standards for America and its foreign policy.   The speech shows a variety of economic, social, and geopolitical conditions throughout the country and the world.  Above all, he argues that “no threat, no threat poses a greater challenge than Climate Change.”  That issue, above most others, was probably the most “partisan” proposal of the whole speech; otherwise, all of the suggestions the President makes seem obvious.  Despite this, not everyone applaused at the President’s proposals, and there were distinct groups of people throughout the speech who remained seated.  He addresses the issue of partisanship claiming that the pundits recognize the continued divisiveness that plagues America.   Partisanship is needless.  The goals of the President ARE obvious.  Republican lawmakers in Congress CAN listen to the President’s proposals and respond by addressing instead of dismissing them.

“We don’t only want everyone to share the success, we want everyone to contribute to our success.”   As a black President, Obama has a unique position in addressing issues.  Particularly about race.  Contributing to our success, in the President’s own words, is about not arguing needlessly, it’s about upholding the American dream.  Free community college would be huge.  The cultural melting pot of American cannot succeed if we don’t treat every child like their life matters.  Young black children should see the President as a shining example of opportunity in a sea of racial unfairness, but that’s hard to do in a nation that gerrymanders states to hurt minority voters, and targets black teens because they look “thuggish.”  Economic growth can’t and shouldn’t be the only success of President Obama, but to be a successful president he needs the support of Republicans who don’t have a vested interest in supporting him.  Political agendas need to step aside.  Social and economic and cultural reform is necessary.  The President’s agenda is no longer about getting reelected; he knows because he won both elections already.  The optimism is clear.  The optimism is warranted.  America’s hope lies in “bridging gaps.”


3 thoughts on “SOTU

  1. “Above all, he argues that “no threat, no threat poses a greater challenge than Climate Change.” That issue, above most others, was probably the most “partisan” proposal of the whole speech.”
    So true, so sad.

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  2. When I heard this speech, it struck me about how much bipartisan legislation our president was supporting. I can see that you noticed this too, and I guess it is one of the advantages of not having another election to run. Still, Obama did seem eager to take credit for economic improvement since he took office, whether or not it was completely his doing. Some of his ideas seemed a little far fetched (like free community college and child care which would be an enormous government expense), but nearly all seemed like positive ideas which, if eventually accomplished, would lead to a stronger American middle class (such as an increased minimum wage, as you mentioned).


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