It’s Time To Take A Break

As I sit crooked on my couch tonight typing this blog, I feel compelled (by the assignment) to write about how the year has gone thus far.  It has been a roller coaster.  Junior year stinks.  But it’s also awesome.  I have great teachers, and I feel challenged.

Timed writings.  I tackled those successfully.  How? I listened to Lindner’s advice about not device hunting.  Whenever I would sit down to write one, I’d pay attention to what the author was saying and how the phrases themselves were persuasive.  I found that whenever I would explain the persuasiveness of a device, it came across more formulaic and less compelling.  Furthermore, I would approach argumentation timed writings calmly.  An adequate knowledge of current events made my timed writings easier to write.   Also, class discussions were successful.  I found that participating in class discussions only deepened my understanding of the books we discussed.  While this may seem obvious, I think verbally analyzing literature helps to synthesize what we actually know.

Reading for meaning=bad.  Whenever I would sit down to crank out a book, I was mostly just trying to get through it.  This caused me to miss out on key intricacies in the novels we read.  While I wasn’t the WORST about procrastinating, I did end up spending large amounts of time in desperation a few days before the reading tests.  This class isn’t riddled with surprises and unjust challenges, but it is fairly easy to fall behind if not careful.  Next semester?  I will start earlier, and make more notes in my books to really think about what I’ve read.

All in all, it has been a great semester.  And I’ve learned a lot about discrimination, society, and early feminism.  I can’t wait for next semester. THANKS LINDNER! 🙂


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