The following opinion is in response to this article:


The idea of censoring content is primarily concerned with conserving and perpetuating a belief.  Whether it’s the Chinese government or parents in Highland Park Dallas, both have a similar intention of narrowing viewpoints.  The parents in this particular article are, by no means evil with their purposes.  However, Highland Park’s decision to suspend the books was largely unjustified.  Primarily because it is the narrowing of thought that narrows our potential and consciousness as a society.

History classes face a similar and more frequent degree of censorship.  Hardly ever do classes place an emphasis on the human rights abuses early-Americans committed towards Native Americans, and to a narrow extent do we hear about slave resilience.  It is the white power structure that exists in American society that has kept our view narrow since early colonial times.  And it is the narrow ignorance that these parents suggest that desensitize us to the reality of social hardship.

Rape and murder may be “mature” topics, but it is unfair to adolescents to ignore their ability to learn about these issues.  In fact, we must educate children of the realities of injustice in order to change the current tide.  Learning about rape will educate young boys and girls about the patriarchal tendencies that perpetuate sexual violence.  An educated people is an empowered people, and women and boys alike must understand the reality of rape.

Similarly keeping adolescents from exposure to murder and sex only can lead to drastic consequences.  Hearing the voices and the stories of victims helps us sympathize with their struggles.  Teens will find a way to be exposed to sexual and violent content, and this content being of literary merit only serves to clarify consequences of this nature.

Therefore, while the school should allow parents to opt-out of reading a certain prose, suspending the books out of fear and narrow-mindedness only regresses us as a society.


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