Positively negative

After the commencement address afore mentioned, I’ve been thinking a lot more about positivity.  While I’d consider myself a generally optimistic person, I’m not so sure if that’s only a facade.  Humans tend to appeal to their audiences.  And in the surrounding doom of homework and disappointing grades, I’ve always tried to keep my chin up.  However, I’m beginning to realize how much things really DO bother me.  And how much I’ve internalized and brushed off negativity for fear of conflict, external or internal.  Maybe Wallace was right about seeing everyone a little more positively; that understanding that the intentions behind every shove or push in the hallway isn’t malicious or blatantly against us is important.  On the other hand, there is something a little irrespective of our own feelings about that though.  Sure not every belief that the world is against us is necessarily, or even remotely accurate; however, maybe we do all need to listen to ourselves a little more too.  If someone is being judgmental, I think it’s a little unfair if we always see it as an oversight.  I guess to an extent we need to consider the intention behind every action, but we also need not make constant excuses for people in the name of positivity.  I have always written off family conflict as just a “mistake” or an “oversight.”  I’m beginning to realize though, that sometimes it’s ok to face the conflict.  That repeatedly not getting invited to family get togethers isn’t a good sign.  Being positive is definitely necessary in a world full of “poor me.”  But disregarding or internalizing thoughts or feelings for the sake of being positive isn’t positive at all. 


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